Dash Aerial Yoga | Our Team
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Dash Aerial Yoga, LLC is a modern, locally owned aerial yoga studio in the heart of Downtown Boise, Idaho, providing classes and private sessions for ages 15-70+. The only limitations you have are the ones you place on yourself.
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Karin is the owner of Dash Aerial Yoga.  She teaches all classes, Level I, Level II, Restorative Floating classes, as well as, private sessions.  She brings over twenty years of experience in the health and fitness industry as a NSCA CSCS personal trainer, Pilates Mat Instructor/Trainer, Indoor Cycling Instructor, Taekwondo Instructor and IFBB Professional Women’s Physique Competitor.  She received her Bachelors Degree in Health Promotion from Boise State University.  Her aerial yoga certification was obtained through AIR, located in Chicago, Illinois.