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DASH takes traditional yoga to new heights

Alex Livingston, KTVB
9:22 PM. MST January 13, 2018

BOISE – We are nearly two full weeks into the new year, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t already struggling to make sure I keep up with one of my resolutions, to get in better shape. Sometimes it’s hard to mix things up to make sure you stay interested and eager to reach your goals. If you’re on the same page, I found a gem for you in Boise!

You’ve heard of traditional yoga classes and you’ve probably heard about hot yoga classes, but what about aerial yoga? Yes, that means yoga in the air. DASH Aerial Yoga is located in the heart of downtown Boise on W. Idaho Street. The studio accommodates ten people per class to make sure you get a personal experience and can learn how to safely go through the poses.

It seems overwhelming at first, especially if you’re clumsy while upright, like I am. Don’t worry. If I can do it so can you! In level 1 classes you are never too far off the ground.

You go through poses like the “frog pose” and you even do a handstand using fabric hanging from the ceiling. So where does the actual exercise come in? While in these poses you are using parts of your body you didn’t even know existed! You have to really engage your core while using the fabric in order to stabilize yourself. For example, while doing a handstand, instructor Karin Hobbs will have you do what she calls “Rocky Sit-Ups” and other exercises that target your upper body, core, and lower body.

At the end of each class, you finish with what’s called “Savasna”, also known as the “corpse pose”. You go through a series of movements that bring you into a cocoon-like position with the fabric and for 15 minutes, you go through breathing exercises and release all the tension in your body.

For me, the class is a great combination of exercise, focus, and meditation. How can you beat that? Like traditional yoga, aerial yoga has several great benefits such as helping with blood circulation, re-aligning your body, flexibility and many more. Hobbs says the key to getting better at the poses is to go consistently.

DASH Aerial Yoga is located at 819 W. Idaho Street in Boise, right next door to the Vandal Store. For hours and to sign up for classes click here.

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